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Call us if you believe that your house has experienced storm damage in Omaha. In nearly all cases, it is better for an experienced contractor to inspect your roof first before involving your insurance company. In fact, it is common practice for insurance companies to have roofing contractors inspect the roof before they will send one of their adjusters on site to look for damages. Since turning in a claim can have negative consequences to your policy premium, and or your future insurability, it is imperative that an experienced contractor well versed in hail damage inspect your roof for damages. Our primary goal is to explain the pros and cons of filing an insurance claim so you can be equipped with the knowledge you need to make the best decision.

What is Hail Damage?

A shingle that is hail damaged has a bruise or puncture which causes the protective top layer of the granules to be removed, and or damages the back of the shingle matting. How soon the shingles will fail after a storm is impossible to predict for sure, but there is a clear correlation between the number of hail hits on the roof, and the depth that each hail stone penetrated the shingle. In all cases, if a shingle is damaged by hail, the useful life is reduced. In some cases, the shingles may be damaged but no noticeable issues reveal themselves until a later point; over time the sun’s UV rays, water, snow etc. can further weaken and break down areas that had granules disturbed by hail impact.

It is important to have an experienced professional Omaha hail damage contractor check your roof for hail, as it takes a trained eye to discern hail damage from normal wear and tear. In most cases, hail damage is only visible when standing on the roof and physically inspecting specific shingles.

About Our Roof Inspections

At Pinnacle Roofing we are constantly working to further educate ourselves on the technical aspects of our industry.  Over the years, our team has worked with a number of insurance adjusters and attended training seminars, to improve our competency in assessing storm damage. When you call Pinnacle Roofing to complete a roofing inspection, we conduct our assessment in a similar manner to your insurance adjuster. For a typical inspection here is what to expect. One of our team members  will knock on your door and introduce themselves. They will then conduct a detailed inspection of the exterior of your home (siding, windows, deck, gutters furniture etc) and roof. Many times, if there are hail hits on your home’s exterior (such as on downspouts or windows), it is a good indicator that damages may be present on the roof. During the roof inspection, our Omaha hail damage contractor team will closely inspect the roofing components to see if damage from hail is present. Some common items inspected are:

  • All roofing slopes
  • Skylights
  • Valleys
  • Air vents
  • Chimney covers
  • Flashing

Pinnacle Roofing will then take photos and document any damages discovered. We commonly use chalk as a way to reveal where dents were present in our photos. In addition to inspecting for hail, we also will look for roofing installation defects and or any maintenance issues. Upon the conclusion of our inspection, our Omaha hail damage contractor will explain the next steps depending on our findings.

The Insurance Claim Process


If you want to file a property loss with your insurance company, one of our team members will gladly assist you in this process.  We have provided a brief overview of the insurance process below, along with some of the common documents and information needed.  Your insurance agent will be the best resource for gathering specific information related to your homeowner’s policy. Once an insurance claim is filed, your insurance claim’s department will be a better resource than your insurance agent; insurance agents deal with policy and do not deal with the day to day details of an insurance claim.

Understand what type of homeowner’s policy you have before filing a claim. In brief, some insurance policies pay for the full cost to complete the repairs and others will only compensate for repairs up to a certain dollar amount.

  • Know how much your insurance deductible is.
  • Have your insurance claim number and or policy number ready.
  • Know which date the storm occurred (date of loss). Pinnacle Roofing will have this information.
  • Contact the insurance claims department. Or ask your agent to file the claim on your behalf.
  • Inform your insurance company of the type of loss (hail, wind, flood, fire etc.).
  • Briefly explain which areas are damaged on your home, and if there are any immediate water issues.

IMPORTANT: After filling the claim an insurance adjuster will be assigned to complete an on site inspection. In some cases the adjuster’s information will be given to you immediately when you call to file the claim, or at a later point within a few days. It is very important that Pinnacle Roofing meets your adjuster on site when they complete their inspection. See more information on this in the next section.

Pinnacle Roofing has dealt with hundreds of hail claims over the years and we want to work with you on your next insurance claim. We want you to have a positive experience with our company and your insurance company. Upon completing the repairs, it is our goal to restore your home to a condition that is better than before it was damaged by the storm.



LEED Accredited Professional BD+C -Training in sustainable building practices

Chief Building Certified – Training in the installation of commercial metal buildings

OSHA 10 hour training- Training in proper job site safety practices 

IKO Shield Pro Plus Contractor- Adheres to install manual guidelines for manufacturer and participates in their exclusive Contractor program.

Certainteed Master Shingle Program – Completed Manufacturer test on proper shingle installation applications and adheres to install manual guidelines.


Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor- Completed Manufacturer test on proper shingle installation applications and adheres to install manual guidelines.


Mastic Training – Training in proper siding installation practices for mastic vinyl and hardboard siding products.


Over the years, Pinnacle Roofing has built relationships with manufacturers, and suppliers that providing quality materials and services. Many of our customers rely upon our knowledge base to pick the right product or service. A few of our trusted partners are listed below:



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