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Pinnacle Roofing is an A+ Rated BBB Roofing company, and offers a diverse range of Omaha residential roofing contractor services, including repair and replacement. Our roofing team is equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure that your roofing project is a success. Whether your roof is in need of a small repair or a complete replacement, we want to earn your business.  We make it our top priority to ensure every project is finished with complete customer satisfaction. From the project estimating stage through to project completion, you will receive one-on-one service from a residential roofing specialist; who will provide a project estimate, review the estimate details, help with product selection, and see the project through to completion. We install many roofing products to ensure the beauty of your home is unmatched and weather-tight. We install most roofing systems; composite shingles, synthetic tile, and metal roofs. Call us today or click here to request a free quote.



Pinnacle Roofing specializes in the removal and replacement of a variety of residential roofing systems. We understand the value and importance of installing a quality roofing system for your house for your family’s safety. If your existing roofing system failed due to poor workmanship, severe weather condition, defective materials, lack of maintenance, improper specification of roofing system, or any other reasons you can count on the team at Pinnacle Roofing to install a quality roofing system. Our Omaha residential roofing contractors understand the unique challenges your roof faces, from ice in the winter to hail and strong winds in the spring and scorching temperatures in the summer.  We have the right solution for you, for your roof. We can advise you on the best roofing materials, and aesthetics for your roofing replacement project.  

New Construction

The roof you choose for your home not only gives you peace of mind from the outside elements but is also an architectural statement that is part of your home’s overall beauty and appearance. Pinnacle Roofing works with building contractors and homeowners for new construction projects. We’ll assess structural needs to ensure proper drainage and installation no matter the scale or level of complexity. Pinnacle Roofing only installs roofing products, and or materials that meet our rigorous performance standards. It is our goal to install a roofing system that will outperform your expectations.

FREE Roof Inspections

If you believe your roof may have storm damage, give us a call.  Our experienced Omaha residential roofing contractor team will be able to determine whether an insurance claim is warranted. Filing an insurance claim when there is little to no storm damage can have negative ramifications to your insurance policy, and or premium, therefore it is important to receive proper counsel.

At Pinnacle Roofing we are committed to giving you accurate non-biased information, so you can make the right decision for your home.


The Midwest’s harsh climate can cause substantial damage to your roof. Your roof is a major investment and needs to be protected. Annual maintenance will ensure your roof will perform at its optimal level during its useful life cycle.  If neglected, your roof could experience premature failure, and or unexpected expenses.

Some common items checked during a typical inspection:

  • Hail/wind damage to shingles
  • Loose, broken and missing shingles or tiles
  • Curled or blistered shingles
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Exposed nail heads
  • Deteriorated rubber seals along pipe jacks
  • Loose or missing flashings along walls, skylights, and chimneys
  • Damage to gutters
  • Damaged vent collars and turbines
  • Other signs that may lead to a potential leak
  • Proper installation methods used to roofing components

    Components of our roofs

    Wood Decking

    Roof decking is most commonly plywood or oscillated strand board (osb). We replace rotted or soft decking when installing new roofing systems. The decking must be protected by underlayment, before installing the shingles.


    Valleys are areas where two roofing slopes join together in a concave manner. These areas are susceptible to water infiltration. As a result, Pinnacle Roofing installs three feet of ice and water along all valleys followed by a layer of valley metal.


    For years tar paper felt was the most commonly used underlayment. In recent years, synthetic decking products have become more prevalent; due to their tear resistance and superior physical properties. Although it is more expensive, Pinnacle Roofing only uses synthetic underlayment products, and never tar paper.

    Eaves and Starter Shingle

    The roof’s eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang the face of a wall and, normally, project beyond the side. Starter shingle and gutter apron is installed along the eaves. Based on warranty, and or code requirement starter may be required along valleys and rakes.


    A variety of shingle styles are available on the market, which is why we make it our priority to pair you with the optimal choice for your home. Please see our project portfolio page to learn more about shingles.

    Hip and Ridge

    The hip of a roof is the external angle at which adjacent sloping sides of a roof meet in a tent like manner. The ridge of a roof is the upper most part of where to slopes come together. The same shingles are used on both the hip and ridge. It is important to install a heavy hip and ridge shingle to prevent blow off in high winds.

    Roofing Gable and Fascia

    A gable roof slopes inward on two sides, and the other two sides have a wall with a triangle shape at the top. The fascia board runs along the front face of the gable and eaves. Pinnacle Roofing can restore fascia with new metals that wrap over the surface or replace rotted wood when necessary.

    Seamless gutters

    Pinnacle Roofing specializes in all gutters systems from copper to commercial box gutters. The most common type of gutter installed is the 5” aluminum seamless system with 3"x4“ downspouts.

    Garage Doors, Windows, and Doors

    Pinnacle Roofing specializes in the replacement of all types of exterior doors, overhead garage doors, and windows. Often, doors and windows need special staining and or finishes to match the existing trim color inside the space.

    Ice and Water

    Is a self-adhering waterproofing underlayment that is used in roofing to help prevent damage caused by ice dams and wind driven rain. Local code requirements determine how many rows are needed along the eaves. As an added protection, Pinnacle Roofing always installs ice and water in the roofing valleys, around skylights, and along chimneys.

    Siding and Painting

    We specialize in all types of siding types such as hardboard, vinyl and cement board. All of our siding installations will have a vapor barrier installed behind the siding, such as foam board or building paper. We also are specialized in painting both interior and exterior.


    Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continuous flow of outside air through the attic, protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower temperatures in the living space. Improper ventilation can lead to water leaks in the home, ice damming, and premature roof shingle failure.


    LEED Accredited Professional BD+C -Training in sustainable building practices

    Chief Building Certified – Training in the installation of commercial metal buildings

    OSHA 10 hour training- Training in proper job site safety practices 

    IKO Shield Pro Plus Contractor- Adheres to install manual guidelines for manufacturer and participates in their exclusive Contractor program.

    Certainteed Master Shingle Program – Completed Manufacturer test on proper shingle installation applications and adheres to install manual guidelines.


    Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor- Completed Manufacturer test on proper shingle installation applications and adheres to install manual guidelines.


    Mastic Training – Training in proper siding installation practices for mastic vinyl and hardboard siding products.


    Over the years, Pinnacle Roofing has built relationships with manufacturers, and suppliers that providing quality materials and services. Many of our customers rely upon our knowledge base to pick the right product or service. A few of our trusted partners are listed below:



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